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The Case for Corporate Statesmanship

By Martin Reeves, Georg Kell and Fabien Hassan In 2014, CVS Health, a major US retail pharmacy chain, stopped selling tobacco products in all of their stores, in spite of

Arabesque’s Georg Kell: ESG Not a Fad

Stockholm (NordSIP) – The opening keynote speech at the ESG Integration Summit hosted in Stockholm by Nasdaq and Skytop Strategies on 29 August was given by Georg Kell, Chairman at London-based

What Mark Zuckerberg Understands About Corporate Purpose

Last week Mark Zuckerberg published a strong defense of both globalization and Facebook’s business model. In a nearly 6,000-word letter, he argued persuasively that Facebook thrives under a globalized socioeconomic system,

Why aren’t we there yet?

Barbara Krumsiek, Senior Fellow, Georgetown Women’s Leadership Institute, and Arabesque Board member I have my own definitions for three key words in this question – “we”, “there”, “yet”. By “we”

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